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Industria Nacional Fabrica de Radiadores INFRA S.A.

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Industria Nacional Fabrica de Radiadores INFRA S.A.


Company address

Industria Nacional Fabrica de Radiadores INFRA S.A.
Av. San Francisco Calle Santa Rosa Urb. California, Torre California, Piso 12, Oficina 12c
1070 Caracas

Industria Nacional Fabrica de Radiadores INFRA S.A.

We offer products from the following categories:

Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Interior >> Climate >> Heating Systems >> Capacitors & Condensers
Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Power Train >> Oil Systems >> Oil Coolers
Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Power Train >> Radiators >> Radiators & Coolers

Our company:

Infra S.A. , established in the 1950's, produces aluminium brazed heat exchangers for the global vehicle OEM and aftermarket : radiators, oil coolers, condensers and heaters for all types of two and four wheeled vehicles.

The Company is committed to the following important goals:

1. "Zero defects" production
2. competitive costs maximizing total value
3. timing delivery and highest attention to customer expectations

We are part of an international organization called HACTEC Global Services, with 50 years experience in the heat exchange industry , headquartereded in Miami (Florida-USA) . HACTEC Global Services is a family of regional Companies engaged in the manufacture and distribution of vehicle heat exchange devices to the Original Equipment and the Aftermarket (see Frig Air spa - Italy and TechRad (Zhejiang) Automotive Thermal Systems Corp. - China)

Some history:
• In 1947, the three founding brothers left Italy for the fertile fields of Venezuela. There they planted the seeds to the future and began a radiator repair business.
• The business grew rapidly. In 1954, the brothers expanded from repair to manufacturing copper and brass radiators.
The growth and added services brought a change in name to Industrial Nacional Fábrica de Radiadores S.A. abbreviated to Infra S.A., but you can call us INFRA.
• In 1960 INFRA institutes Original Equipment Manufacturer distribution in Venezuela. The next year both GM and Chrysler were INFRA customers.
• INFRA opens the first aluminum radiator R&D facility in 1980 to fulfill the goal of continued market leadership.
The next year INFRA began production of mechanically expanded aluminum radiators. By 1982 the product line was expanded to include the vacuum brazing process.
• 1983 The INFRA vacuum-brazed aluminum radiator was included in a Ford product.
• In 1992 the company expanded operations into Italy under the trade name FrigAir.
* INFRA R&D developed methods for aluminum Controlled Atmosphere Brazing, (CAB) in 1992 using the Nocolok process. In 1993 both Ford and GM of Venezuela included the INFRA CAB radiators in their products.
• In 1996 INFRA supplied radiators to a plant in Brazil where they were installed as original equipment in GM vehicles.
• In 1998 warehousing and distribution operations are set up in France under the name FrigAir France.
• Added to expertise and ability to meet customers' need by expanding into the manufacture of air-to-oil heat exchangers in 2001.
• The USA sales office opens in 2001 to meet the need for quality OEM and aftermarket equipment.
• Looking to the future, resources will be directed to bring customers:

- Air-to-oil heat exchanger technology and products.
- Condensers for automotive and HVAC applications
- Cooling fan radiator modules

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