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Nak Sealing Technologies Corporation

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Nak Sealing Technologies Corporation

Nak Sealing Technologies Corporation


Company address

Nak Sealing Technologies Corporation
No. 336, Industrial Road, Naking Industrial Zone
54065 Nantou City

We offer products from the following categories:

Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Bodywork
Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Bodywork >> Seals
Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Power Train
Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Power Train >> Fluid Regulation >> Valves
Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Power Train >> Gaskets
Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Power Train >> Rubber-Bonded Metal Parts
Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Standard Parts
Automotive >> Parts & Systems >> Standard Parts >> Sealing Material, Liquid & Pasty >> Seals & Gaskets

Our company:

NAK was founded and established in the year of 1976, and became the first Sealing manufacturing company to ever go public in Taiwan history in Jan. of 2002. NAK’s high value added products and matured management status has been in both the global and domestic market for years. Throughout the years, NAK has not only secured our position and reputation in the five continents of the world by creating name brand products but also became the top no. 1 leading manufacturer of sealing products in Taiwan!

NAK takes becoming a world class manufacturer of sealing products as our goal and thus NAK takes develop, manufacture, and sale high performance, high quality series of seals and also the development of interactive relationship with distributors and implementation of global entrepreneur management strategic positioning as our mission!

NAK's competing strategies include Quality, Service, wide range of products, manufacturing skills, and continuous expansion of target markets. Through the complete usage of our resources to fulfill the needs of both external and internal environment, and also by sculpturing a high quality entrepreneur culture and human resources, NAK will not only reach our goal but also complete our mission!   

Sealing products are being used widely in our daily lives, small things such as a grinder all the way to big things such as an airplane. They all use seals to aid in the prevention of different types of leakage such as liquid leakage, gas leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, and etc. to secure the machines to operate safely.

Oil seals are considered to be the active seals of sealing products that NAK manufactures to be used on many occasions such as in high rpm racing car engines or any other industrial machineries.

Aggressively moving toward the development of high tech and high value added sealing products so they can be used in wider ranges such as F1 racing car, ships, military industry, medical industry, and etc. in order to improve and raise the value of sealing products!

We continue to march toward globalization and research & development of high speed, high precision, and high value added products such as seals for Harley Davidson Bikes, seals for F1 racing cars, seals for American tanks and etc.

NAK has a strong and dedicated team of R&D, we not only design, develop and do material research on our own but we also take initiatives on following up with our customers. Our R&D team has a direct link with our customer so to be able to obtain first-hand information of the specifications, requirements and demands of our customer thus improving the successive rates of new product development and customer satisfaction to a higher level. We also take investment of advanced testing equipment one of our high priorities and therefore we have also built our own in house dynamic test labs and material research labs to bring our developing capabilities to an even higher level!
NAK also have another R&D team in UK that specializes in research and development of high performance seals for racing cars. A much higher quality and durability will be needed for seals of such type so to be able to meet and comply with the Formula racing car specifications and demands. NAK's high performance seals have obtained the approvals of several racing car manufacturers and are now being used widely in the car racing industry.
Owning a wide product range, copy rights from multiple countries in the world, and a strong R&D team with prestige result in the field of research and development is one of the key factors to our rapid growth every year. With the advanced technology and complete range of product lines, NAK has the absolute advantage in growth.

Decrease in overhead costs and coming up with the finest design by full implementation of the FEA software ( Finite Element Analysis ), building up theoretical analysis for materials, pressure, temperature rise, and oil film ; combine the designed prototype product and tooling with the original self-developed software design known as the SCAD software design to decrease the failure rates during trial runs.

NAK also design and develop PU product together with local college and rubber development center and design our own, implement full computerized BOM management system, and design various type tooling molds such as boot, bellow, absorber, pl seals, large size seals, and etc.
As for the material research, NAK has a complete line of equipment and ingredient research lab. Starting from the research and development of rubber compounding, characteristic testing, rubber material analysis, down to the quality inspections are all done systematically here in NAK. NAK also implement the ASTM rubber testing method including test of processibility of unvulcanized rubber, test of hardness of plastic and rubber, test of material tensile strength and adhesive strength, test of heat aging / oil immersion / fuel immersion / low temp. properties / compression set, test of rebound  properties / microscopy of compound dispersion, FT-IR analysis, and etc.
NAK connects our SMART CAM to our CNC and machine center thus making the manufacture of our tooling molds much more precised and efficiently connects into a mold manufacturing network to further secure our product quality.

All NAK products comply with the ISO 9001 and ISO/TS16949 requirements. All design and manufacture of NAK's product are being done and completed with state of the arts equipments. New products of NAK are developed using a series of most advanced lab instruments combined with the latest technologies and methods that will fully comply with the ASTM, DIN, BS, and the SAE international standards. 
Constantly buying fully automated equipments and advanced lab instruments to perform more precise quality tests, creating all sorts of statistic data bases to be the basics for our quality improvements, accumulates technical facts and knowledge to reach our goal of improving both skill and quality !

Innovated development needs good equipment to back it up, NAK has just the right thing. NAK not only have the professional productivity for rubber compounding, but also designing capability for molds, technical manufacturing capability, constant co operations with our equipment contractors for the improvement and equipment technical maintenance, so to bring fully automation to our product lines. NAK is also equipped with machineries to produce oversized seals and fully automated inventory to meet the demands of our customers.

Continuous innovation of NAK's technique and expansion of our productivity and constant replacement and implementation of better equipment are one of NAK's main goal at any given moment. The rapid growth of technology and advanced equipment is used by NAK to satisfy our customers throughout the world. A wide range of fully automated machineries such as the automated inventory, automated trimming machines, and automated spring loading machines are also used by NAK to effectively bring down the manufacturing cost.

Constant improvement to present manufacturing processes to bring faster clamping apparatus with higher efficiency by developing machineries such as  automated spring loading machines, torque testing machines, automated packaging machines, automated inventory and etc.
NAK has implemented full automation and computerization to our manufacturing process to replace the traditional manufacturing process thus enabling NAK to place our seals in the range of high quality and high value added seals including seals for F1 racing car, ships, military industry, medical industry and other high tech industries.

For NAK to become an international enterprise and operates under a global strategic management model, our future directions will focus on product differentiations and global positioning. NAK will also be very aggressive in the development of high performance and high value added seals, expansion of company size, and raise technical level so to strengthen the functions and capabilities of our technical service team to meet market demands and also raise our global competing leverages. NAK will also use our oversea investment and other strategic joint ventures to create global distributing channels and products varieties to meet the customer's never ending changes and demands ! 

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