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IFFA 2013


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can also be found as Alpina


Company address

Otto-Hahn-Str. 5
21509 Glinde b. Hamburg


Interesting company information:

Legal form: GmbH

We offer products from the following categories:

Industrial Supplies >> Meat Processing
Industrial Supplies >> Meat Processing >> Packing Equipment >> Packaging Machinery

Our company:

TIPPER TIE, a Dover company, is a worldwide supplier of processing and packaging machines. With a long history in the meat and poultry industries, TIPPER TIE is also active in baked goods, produce, nuts, food ingredients and pet food. Outside of food, the company is a trusted partner to manufacturers of packaged explosives, adhesives, sealants and other industrial products.

 Full Line Solutions

  • Processing machinery: fine cutters/emulsifiers, bowl choppers, portion fillers
  • Packaging machinery: full range of clippers, netting and clipping systems, poultry bagging and clipping systems
  • Automation solutions: hanging systems, heat seal and clip systems
  • Consumables: premium quality clips, high strength loops, cutting sets and knives

A Trusted Partner

TIPPER TIE provides one-stop, turnkey systems from specification to installation. Product experts work closely with customers to understand their processes and unique needs.  This ensures that equipment recommendations make good business sense for everyone. Consultation with customers identifies cost savings where their processes are influenced by TIPPER TIE systems.

Our commitment to customer training is equally strong. All customers are fully trained in their facilities on the best way to operate and maintain their TIPPER TIE equipment to ensure years of trouble-free service at the highest throughput rates possible.

Whether delivering turnkey systems, troubleshooting, providing original replacement parts, machine maintenance or customized training, TIPPER TIE is your trusted partner.

Global Expansion

The depth and breadth of TIPPER TIE’s manufacturing capabilities expands to other parts of the world. Machines and consumables (clips and loops) are produced in USA, Germany and Switzerland, as well as Brazil, Slovakia, Kazakhstan and China. Worldwide manufacturing has enabled TIPPER TIE to significantly expand its global reach, while providing exceptional service to customers in a variety of industries.


At the IFFA 2013, TIPPER TIE once again demonstrates the high performance of its products. The continual development of the product groups from comminuting and emulsifying to stuffing, clipping and bagging allows TIPPER TIE to offer its customers complete solutions.

Comminuting, mixing

The TTChop is well-known and proven in the meat industry. Unrivalled comminuting results, low maintenance costs and short processing times speak for themselves. The sausage meat can be comminuted in this machine and mixed with other substances.

If further refinement is needed, TIPPER TIE offers the TTCut product line. A contactless cutting system ensures fast, safe processing of a variety of products.


The new TTFill family is the latest addition to the TIPPER TIE product line. With advanced technology and reliability, comminuted sausage is pumped into casings to the exact gram.


TIPPER TIE’s many years of experience in the clip closure segment pays off in customized solutions for every customer. During the IFFA, the latest technologies in clip packaging will be presented – from economical table top models to fully automated netting, bagging and clipping systems.

Automated Hanging Lines

To improve ergonomics in the handling of pre-filled products, TIPPER TIE offers an automated solution with its suspension lines. These systems prove day in and day out that higher output does not necessarily require more personnel. 

Service, support

One important advantage of the TIPPER TIE line concept is service and support from a single supplier. If required, TIPPER TIE will also apply its experience to ensure smooth production for its customers.

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Further information about the company TIPPER TIE TECHNOPACK GmbH:

Keywords of this exhibitor presentation:

Packaging, Processing, Clipping, Systeme für Wurstherstellung, Kutter.

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