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can also be found as VTEQ Vehicle Testing Equipment


Company address

Conca de Barberà 19
08211 Castellar del Valles

We offer products from the following categories:

Automotive >> Repair & Maintenance >> Workshop Equipment & Tools
Automotive >> Repair & Maintenance >> Workshop Equipment & Tools >> Brakes >> Brake Testers
Automotive >> Repair & Maintenance >> Workshop Equipment & Tools >> Inspection >> Testing Devices
Automotive >> Repair & Maintenance >> Workshop Equipment & Tools >> Inspection >> Vehicle Inspection Lines

Our company:

VTEQ is a company dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for the automotive in the section of Vehicle Technical Inspection. We base ourselves on principles and systems of Quality, Development, Constancy and Reliability. The VTEQ team is involved industrially and technically since years, in the development of machinery for the Technical Inspection of Vehicles.

Having an own development department allows us to adapt our equipment to the technological changes and normative with a lot of agility, transmitting all these improvements to the market in times of record.

The harvested successes as a result of the introduction of a quality policy have made us to get more involved every day in this concept: THE QUALITY. This being the base of all the products/services that VTEQ offers.

In VTEQ is available a wide and varied range of products for the Vehicle Technical Inspection, offering the flexibility required through the market in which we move:

• Manufacture and designs from VTEQ with Software in Microsoft Windows® environment.
• MicroProcessor based Control in all our equipment.
• Totally automatic operation.
• Ready to connect external equipment (modular design).
• Safety Systems before, during and after the proof.
• Soft starters and other elements that guarantee the durability of the components.
• Variety of finishes in rollers/colors of the equipment.
• Components of high quality and recognized brands.

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Further information about the company VTEQ:

Keywords of this exhibitor presentation:

Brake Tester, Suspension Tester, Axle Play Detector, Vehicle Testing, Test Lines.

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