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Werner Mathis AG

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Techtextil 2015



Werner Mathis AG

Werner Mathis AG

Company address

Werner Mathis AG
Rütisbergstr. 3
8156 Oberhasli

Werner Mathis AG

Interesting company information:

Legal form: AG

We offer products from the following categories:

Industrial Supplies >> Supplies for the Textile Industry >> Machines >> Laboratory & Measuring Equipment
Textiles & Leather >> Machines >> Laboratory & Measuring Equipment

Our company:

MATHIS AG, headquartered in Oberhasli, Switzerland, has enjoyed a presence in dyeing laboratories since 1968. We also manufacture production plants for dyeing textile ribbons. In a second area of production we develop and build machines and installations for coating a wide range of materials.

Dyeing and Finishing
MATHIS AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of exceptionally high quality machines and finishings for the dyeing laboratory.
Many years of experience and close contact to renowned companies in the textiles sector are the prerequisites for the development and construction of practice-oriented laboratory machines. MATHIS AG has been cultivating these contacts since it was formed.
The global application of Mathis laboratory machines in the textiles, chemical and dyeing industries, as well as exceptional customer loyalty, provide MATHIS AG with further credentials as regards their high level of technical competence.

Mathis Company has been producing coating apparatus for laboratory and production.
These are mainly smaller, discontinuous units for a sample size of about 21 x 30 cm. This relatively small size is in many cases sufficient for a first evaluation of the main characteristics such as appearance, surface structure, foam structure, stability etc.
This kind of sample can be produced with smallest quantities of pastes and sample material within a very short time.
When the evaluation of these first trials shows positive results and larger sample quantities are required, then mostly continuous installations are required. Greater sample lengths are then processed and this coating method is closer to that one of production machines.

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Further information about the company Werner Mathis AG:

Keywords of this exhibitor presentation:

Beschichtungsanlage, Coating Ranges, Laboratory, Textilmaschinen, Textile Machines.

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