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Zemat Technology Group, Ltd.

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Zemat Technology Group, Ltd.

Zemat Technology Group, Ltd.

Company address

Zemat Technology Group, Ltd.
Brukowa 26
91-341 Lodz

Zemat Technology Group, Ltd.

We offer products from the following categories:

Industrial Supplies >> Supplies for the Textile Industry >> Machines >> Welding Machines
Textiles & Leather >> Machines >> Welding Machines

Our company:

Zemat Technology Group is a primary European manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced machines using High Frequency Technology for technical textiles, termoplastics welding, thermoforming, medical equipment, packaging, etc. 

Our experience and engineering knowledge is based on over 55 years of technology design and development. Zemat TG is a Polish-American corporation with manufacturing plant located right in the middle of EU, in Lodz, Poland. The company manufactures annually over 200 custom made machines with over 4000 installations done in over 50 coutries around the world.  

Zemat TG focuses on advanced High Frequency Technologies used in various industries: technical textiles, conveyor belting tensile structures, tents and truck covers, oil booms, swimming pool liners, water sports, packaging, medical, advertising, furniture, automotive, interior decoration, construction, agriculture, etc.

e also build and distribute complementary processing machines like Thermoformers (Vacuum forming machines), Roller Die Cutters, Automated Boxmakers for corrugated cardboard industry, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Presses with HF Generators for industrial forming and drying of plywood, MDF and cellulose elements. Machines and tools built by Zemat Technology Group are fully CE compliant and made in accordance with ISO9001 standards.

Our company has ISO certified in-house & mobile laboratory providing testing of EMC fields 3-30MHz, according to ISO/IEC17025. Our engineers perform onsite testing and give advise as to the safety and conformity with all RF emission standards and regulations.

As our customer, you benefit not only from the substantial, collective industrial market resources of ZEMAT Technology Group but also from the diverse capabilities and global connections of our operating partners. 

Highest quality, on-time delivery, professional design and technical staff, one-to-one personal approach to the client's requirements, proven track record in the industry, as well as solid personal relationships with our suppliers and customers are our main assets. 

Our company is at the forefront of newest technical developments in the field of high frequency technology and innovative industrial solutions.

Our scope of services:

Zemat Technology Group is a Polish-American corporation and a primary European manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced machines using High Frequency Technology for termoplastics welding, radio frequency sealing, thermoforming, medical equipment, packaging - for both plastics and corrugated cardboard, cold plasma generators, industrial heating and drying, wood molding, etc.

Our international reach is soundly supported by wide network of distributors and affiliates in EU, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, South America and Middle East - over 80% of our production is made for export. 

The history of Zemat TG reaches back to 1957. The company was established in Poland by one of the pioneers of European industrial electro-magnetic technology and builder of the first Radio Frequency Generator in Poland. Thanks to his hard work, talent and visionary approach the company survived in private hands the uncertain times of communist era and became throughout the years the base for development of modern technologies for many branches of the European industry.

Today we design, develop and build over 200 customized machines per year with successfull installations done in over 50 countries on every continent of the world.

HF welders / RF sealers and other machines we make are dedicated to work for virtually every industry.

Clients using ZEMAT Technology Group machines are making tensile structures made of highly advanced technical textiles , stretched ceilings, tents, tarpaulin truck covers, swimming pool liners, protective clothing, flexible air ducts, oil booms, fishery tanks, gas and liquid storage tanks.

Other Zemat TG machines are manufacturing support braces and blood bags for medical udustry,safety and bullet proof vests, carpets and floor reinforcements for cars.

We make packaging machines for heat and RF sealing of PVC, PET and PLA. Thermoformers for shaping the clam shell and blister packaging. Automatic production lines for custom made items and products. HF generators and hydraulic presses for bonding and bending/forming plywood and MDF board. Automatic boxmakers for corrugated cardboard boxes.

Please contact us with any questions regarding machines or technologies.

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Further information about the company Zemat Technology Group, Ltd.:

Keywords of this exhibitor presentation:

High Frequency welders, HF welding machines, Tensile structure welding machines, Tent and tarpaulin welding machinery, Heat welding machines.

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