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Zeus Inc

Zeus Inc

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Zeus Inc
3737 Industrial Blvd.
29118 Orangeburg

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Legal form: Inc.

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Automotive >> Automotive Textiles >> Glass Fiber Fabrics
Beauty & Health >> Fashion & Apparel >> Clothing Textiles >> Fabrics >> Glass Fiber Fabrics
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Textiles & Leather >> Fabrics >> Glass Fiber Fabrics
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Our company:

Zeus Exhibits with Expanded Performance Fiber Products (Booth 4.1/B72)

Zeus will be exhibiting its line of Performance Fiber products with a focus on its strong, lightweight, and durable Monofilament Fiber. Zeus offers an arsenal of fibers designed to perform in diverse and demanding applications. Properties such as high tensile strength, optical clarity, and extreme chemical and temperature resistance define Zeus fiber. These lightweight monofilaments also have superior friction and wear properties, and are ideal for use in abrasive environments. Our standard product offering ranges in size from .003” - .040” and includes fibers made from PEEK, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF and ECTFE. Other resins and customized products are available upon request.

• Able to withstand challenging environments, PEEK fiber performs well in temperatures up to 500⁰F/260⁰C, and is commonly used to create braided sleeving that is expandable and flexible.

• PFA fiber is used to make meshes for filter applications, where its purity and resistance to chemical attack ensure a long service life.

• With a low coefficient of friction and a luminous transmission of 96%, FEP fiber is one of the most lubricious and optically clear monofilament available.

• ETFE fiber is radiation resistant and allows for repeated Gamma sterilization without any adverse effects on its mechanical properties.

• With properties that approach those of other high performance materials, but without the associated costs, ECTFE is an efficient option.

Capitalizing on more than 40 years of performance polymer experience, Zeus continues to provide superior products with the highest standards of quality and control. Whether it’s braided for a wiring harness, woven for a filter, or chopped for composites, Zeus fibers excel in the most demanding environments and applications.
Supported by their sales team and manufacturing facility in Ireland and sales offices in China and Malaysia, Zeus is excited to exhibit in Frankfurt and introduce its superior line of monofilaments to Europe and Asia.

Our scope of services:

Fibers are a staple in today's petroleum, aerospace, automotive, pulp paper, and food processing industries. In the most challenging environments, Zeus fibers maintain their exceptional physical properties under high levels of mechanical stress, extreme temperatures, and aggressive chemical exposure. When braided into a sleeve, the sleeving provides extra abrasion, heat, and chemical resistance in cramped spaces, such as engine compartments, and keeps wire bundles safely away from moving equipment.

Due to the extreme chemical resistance of Zeus fibers, these materials can be woven into meshes to be used as filters in aggressive chemical environments and as a mist eliminator to filter the moisture out of vapors. Whether being braided into a wire harness for aerospace or automotive use, or woven into a mesh for chemical filtration, Zeus fiber is unmatched in terms of performance and value.

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strings, conveyor systems, braided cord, monofilament fiber, hydraulic hoses.

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