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There are many leather & fur clothing products in production at any given time, largely catering for the fashion industry and some specialist clothing sectors. The leather wholesale sector can operate in a number of ways, with hides and skins ready to be shipped to clothing manufacturers for making into clothes, or sometimes being cut to order beforehand. In some cases, it means that companies that wholesales fur as well as leather are needed for makers of certain products, like fur-lined leather gloves, for example. Wholesale leathers tend to come in two main categories – dyed and un-dyed. Dyed wholesale leather is dominated by black leather with brown leather being the next most popular. Of course, other colours can also be found, but black and brown are by far the most common. Used extensively for biker jackets, flying jackets, belts and gloves, dyed leather is what most designers specify and therefore what fashion manufacturers are after.

As well as wholesale leather for the fashion garments industry, the material is required for some specialist applications. Often, leather is required for products such as saddles, harnesses and other tack used with the care of horses. Soft wholesale leather is also in demand for the upholstery of furniture and even car interiors, with designers often using it in novel ways. The smooth feel of leather, combined with its hard wearing properties, means that it is ideal for use in situations where a durable but elegant finish is required. Leather is also much used in the footwear industry, with most boots and shoe uppers being made from the material. With some products, such as ladies walking boots, leather & fur are combined to create a weatherproof outer layer that is lined to make sure that feet remain perfectly warm inside. With so many applications of leather & fur, finding the right supplier is essential for any product manufacturer, and productpilot.com is here to help you in this matter.

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