Artificial Leather

Artificial leather provides a high quality and cost efficient substitute for leather in the manufacturing of numerous products, from book bindings and household furnishing to clothing and accessories.

Leatherette, one form of artificial leather, is a PVC plastic product which is finished to have many of the attributes of real leather, both visually, and to the touch. The manufacturing process involves the application of a soft PVC plastic layer to a fabric base. Because the fabric may be made from either natural or a man-made fibres, it is possible for suppliers to produce leatherette to meet a variety of price points and specifications. It is this versatility which makes leatherette a consistently popular choice with manufacturers. Using's B2B portal, manufacturers, buyers and suppliers can find each other to streamline all of their operations.

Artificial leather has numerous advantages in the textile and furniture industry. Its versatility makes leatherette a preferable choice for complex manufacturing as the material is adaptable and easy to work with. Equally, leatherette is prized for its notable durability. Its resiliency against everyday wear and tear makes it the preferred leather substitute for applications that will necessarily require a significant amount of wear, such as car seats.

The diverse uses and specifications of leatherette can create any number of unique requirements for the material. Artificial leather for use in textiles and clothing may not be as suited to habitation and living, for example. streamlines the acquisitions process for businesses by providing buyers with the tools to source the exact product that matches the job in hand. By discovering services, manufacturers and wholesalers via the goods that they offer, allows the industry to connect in a way that is beneficial for all.

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