The wholesale gloves market is predominantly split into three different categories - men's gloves, women's gloves and children's gloves. Although certain materials are flexible and stretchy enough to mean that 'one size fits all', unisex gloves are not the norm with either fashion or working gloves. A typical gloves manufacturer will size their products according to gender and then by size, for example XS through to XXL. With a children's gloves supplier, sizes are usually referred to according to age, rather than gender.

Most gloves contain a degree of wool in their material, although many are made from a blend of man-made fibres along with wool to improve their durability. In some cases, the warmth retaining properties of wool are mixed with materials such as elastane of Lycra in order that they fit snugly against the hand. Unlike mittens, gloves need a good deal of stitching around each of the four fingers as well as the thumb, meaning that wholesale gloves tend to be supplied by specialist manufacturers who have the skilled operators and machinery required to produce them in great number. Manufacturers and traders in gloves can be found via the B2B supplier portal

Today, few gloves are produced by hand, with machine manufactured products being the mainstay of the industry. A gloves wholesaler which stocks tailored gloves will usually only have high-end fashion products which have been hand stitched, usually leather gloves. Manufactured gloves also include a wide selection of working gloves which are designed for specific purposes, such as hand protection when operating cutting or hot equipment, like welders' gloves, for example. Disposable gloves are essential items principally designed for use in hospitals and other places where hand hygiene is of importance.

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