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The wholesale sleepwear industry is part of the wider clothing sector, catering for many different products, such as sweaters, coats shirts and socks. A typical nightwear manufacturer will make a wide variety of clothing, including pyjamas, nighties, onesies, night caps, t-shirts and negligees. Although the majority of the wholesale nightwear industry caters for both adult and children's markets, some are specialists, perhaps only making baby sleepwear or nightwear for ladies, sharing a retail market with lingerie. Suppliers for any specific audience can be sourced by using the online-portal

In the main, wholesale sleepwear is designed for comfort which means that it is often loose fitting and without any areas which might cause compression against the body when worn in bed. In addition, only the softer materials tend to be favoured during the manufacturing process, such as 100 per cent cotton nightshirts. Where a garment needs to sit in place, elastic tends to be used rather than a more tightly-fitting attachment method, such as a belt.

As with any areas of fashion, the nightwear sector is also subject to changes in trends. Fashion developments in this sector have seen a move from traditional pyjamas and nighties. Wholesale nightwear suppliers are just as likely to stock onesies, an all-in-one garment which covers the body and limbs with only the head protruding, as well as more traditional, longer-established clothing. There is also a discernible trend for t-shirts and shorts to be worn in bed. Although these have long been available as day wear, manufacturers are increasingly offering sets as nightwear, sold in twin pack combinations. In markets where colder conditions can occur overnight, thick cottons and man-made fibres tend to be used to trap the body's heat helping to enable a good night's sleep, something that many manufacturers cite as a key advantage of well-made sleepwear. Traders can find a wide range of novel nightwear collections by visiting

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