Shoes range from essential and protective footwear for comfortable everyday, office and work use, through to stylish and fashionable designs to match an outfit or complete a look. Typically manufactured from leather, nubuck or a similar synthetic material, the back of the shoe upper is usually shaped to meet the ankle, as distinct from boots which cover part or all of the lower leg. Shoes have strong, rigid soles and heels of varying height, from practical wear to raised types in high heel, platform and women’s stiletto shoes. Suppliers for any shoe retail trade needs are available on

Apart from quality, other points to look for when choosing wholesale shoes depend on the anticipated use - functional versus fashionable. Fashion trends for shoes change each season, meaning traders in footwear should keep atop new developments and styles. Men’s shoes include casual loafers, while lace-up shoes offer something for every occasion – from timeless, classic styles to wingtips. Different seasonal trends influence fashionable customers seeking an up to the minute look, whereas styles such as Derbies form a versatile part of any wardrobe. Sandal-type side vents offer extra cooling and comfort in summer, or comfortable deck shoes look equally good on the beach and on board a boat.

Good shoes are essential for comfort and support in adults and correct foot growth in children. For sports, training shoes are designed to be light in weight, yet still offering cushioning to protect the joints. Indeed, specific sports may even call for a specific set of shoes. Indoor sports shoes, for example, will be manufactured so they leave no scuff marks on the sport’s floor surface. Business buyers looking for a shoe manufacturer or wholesale shoes trader will find a useful resource to locate a quality supplier.

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Covestro Deutschland AG

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Europlasma NV

Europlasma is a global technology leader in innovative nano-coating (ultra-thin...


FIR Fulda S.p.A. (FFF GROUP)

FIR Fulda is a world leader in felt manufacture, producing a wide range of products...

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