Wholesale slippers are shoes designed to be worn indoors, often with extra padding to keep feet warm. A slippers manufacturer can mass produce these items, which is ideal for wholesale selling, or they can be hand-sewn, creating a one-off design. The materials used by a slippers supplier vary, with a number of diverse options available. Leather and suede are popular choices, as the materials guarantee longevity. The soles of slippers are usually made from a soft rubber or fabric as this footwear is not designed for outdoor use. That said, it is still necessary for wholesale slippers to be designed to withstand much wear and tear, whilst offering comfort and style at the same time. Suppliers for this indoor footwear can be sourced using

Despite being worn primarily for comfort, slipper design can display impressive aesthetics. Slippers may be open-toed, modelled on regular shoes, or they may even be produced in boot style. Moccasin slippers are often made from special textiles such as sheepskin or felt, and they can come equipped with fleece linings to provide extra warmth and comfort. Slippers for men and women are manufactured in many styles and sizes, with options for children also available.

Desire and demand for more luxurious slipper styles made from quality textiles and finished with superior tailoring craft keeps this competitive marketplace alive. Slippers are stationary accessories when it comes to home comforts and they are often the most purchased gifting item during the festive season. Certainly, novelty designs or slippers with additional caricatures or creatures attached make popular gift items. Buyers looking to connect with a slippers wholesaler can do so through

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