Sweaters & Jumpers

Jumpers and sweaters are knitted or woven garments that cover the top half of the body, with sleeves extending to the wrists. Traditionally knitted from wool or cashmere for warmth, a sweaters manufacturer may also use cotton or mixed fabrics including acrylic and other synthetic fibres. Various styles and products are available via the suppliers registered on productpilot.com.

Suitable for children and adults, jumpers and sweaters are often worn over shirts or t-shirts and blouses. They are a versatile and practical basic in most wardrobes. Wholesale jumpers are fast moving winter stock lines, popular as gifts during the winter holidays. For active wearers, a sports sweater may be worn over exercise kit to maintain warmth while travelling to an event, for example. Additionally, some workwear and uniforms include jumpers and sweaters. A sweater can be a pullover or a cardigan, which opens with buttons at the front. The term jumper or jersey is also used, though the latter strictly refers to genuine Jersey wool.

For a relaxed look in winter, wholesale jumpers and sweaters go well with a polo shirt, or a collared shirt for informal occasions. With pullovers, cardigans, crew and v-neck wholesale sweaters, there is something for almost every customer preference with designer patterns and colours, along with cuts for comfort or style. Featuring contrasting sleeves, two-tone sweaters give a fashionable appearance and accentuate a defined figure. Some women's designs include knitted cotton, floral prints and attractive pastel shades or elegant scribble prints. Additionally, many ranges include children's sizes. For a sweaters manufacturer, productpilot.com is an effective and attractive way to display ranges of wholesale sweaters globally.

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