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Trousers are items of clothing for the lower body, covering the waist and each leg separately, down to the ankles. Sometimes referred to as pants, trousers are commonplace in the western world. Traditionally, trousers were seen as garments made exclusively for men, as opposed to skirts, but they are now worn by all genders and ages. Jeans are trousers made of denim, intended for casual wear. Buyers looking for trousers wholesale or wholesale jeans will find a jeans manufacturer at

Trousers can be found in many forms and materials, depending on the intended use. Formal trousers tend to be made with synthetic materials or cotton, while jeans represent the majority of informal trousers. This makes choosing wholesale jeans a wise choice for those selling casual clothing, while traditional trousers are more appropriate for business wear.

Jeans were originally intended for people working in rough environments, who benefit from the durable nature of denim. They later became popular with teen subcultures and gradually became common, though they are still seen as casual wear. Jeans vary greatly in style and construction, to suit various fashions and uses. They can be made of thick denim for workers who need durable garments, or they can be thin and flexible, creating figure-hugging jeans for fashionable wearers.

Jeans are cut in several styles, such as boot cut, skinny, flared and low waist. Boot cut jeans, for example, feature wider ankles to fit over the wearer’s boots. The fashion for distressed jeans, which have the appearance of wear and tear, has led to jeans being pre-distressed by the manufacturer. Trousers and jeans are strong sale items due to their broad popularity, easily marketed alongside other clothing like workwear, coats & jackets.

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