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Leather is one of the most diverse natural products man has utilised for many centuries. Derived from the skin of animals, leather has been used in a variety of different crafts and has a timeless elegance. It is an essential material for designers and design houses who have the necessary tools, environment, skills and experience to make high quality designer leather goods. Leather goods can range from jackets to handbags and other accessories and furnishings. A big part of the attraction in designer leather is in the smell and texture of the leather and the qualities the product gives, such as durability and particularly warmth when used in clothing. Leather ages well, so high quality designer leather products are a long-term investment, never really going out of fashion.

The successful production of designer leather products relies upon good quality raw material as well as the chemicals and processing knowledge for treating them. Working hard with designers as well as the necessary wholesalers – contact to both of which companies can find via - successful companies will possess in-depth skills in handling the hides and using various chemicals and dyes to get the best results. It isn’t sufficient for companies to just have access to good quality leather, rather they’ll need reliable contacts for other supplies. Often, other processes and accessories must be integrated into the design, such as adding zips, studs and buckles, as well as quality lining to a product. is an excellent resource for finding high quality designers, manufacturers and suppliers of specialist designer leather products, whether they be smaller companies making bespoke items, or larger outfits producing goods on a wider scale for their customers.

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