Fur & Faux Fur

Fur has been a valuable resource for mankind over centuries. Generally referring to the short, fine, soft hair of certain animals, or else the skin (or pelt) of an animal with the fur still intact, fur has been – and still is - used for making or trimming items of clothing. By contrast, faux fur is an artificial fur-type product which shares some of the qualities of the authentic product. Faux fur is manufactured using petroleum-based products such as acrylic, nylon and polyester materials, which are then processed to produce a texture and feel which is very similar to a natural-fur product.

Although some artificial furs can be readily identified as man-made products, the very best examples are difficult to spot without expert knowledge and/or diagnostic tests. Simulated-fur products are generally easier to care for than the true natural pelt and can also be successfully dyed or painted any chosen colour. Also, being fabric-based, faux furs can be sewn without trouble, whereas a natural fur will always have a tough leather base. Most Fur & Faux Fur products and services listed on productpilot.com are found under the main-category heading of Textiles & Leather.

Fur & faux fur are important resources for the fashion industry. Designers of both clothing, shoes and accessories can implement fur into their designs, depending upon seasonal trends and style. Fur or faux fur can be used to complement leather shoes, boots and handbags, as well as being used to line coats and jackets. Certainly, there have been trends to create entire coats or scarves from fur, as this material’s properties promise warmth and – in many cases – protection from wind and rain. Designers and manufacturers can use productpilot.com to locate wholesale suppliers of fur and its artificial partner.

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