Faux Furs

Faux Furs make a fantastic alternative to using real fur. Made using synthetic fibres, faux furs have all the look of the real thing, while being animal friendly. Faux fur is used in making hats, scarves, fur coats and other types of luxury clothing, as well as decorations for the home. Faux fur is also known as fake or fun fur.

Wholesale faux furs are a good investment due to their ethical appeal. Fur coats, gloves and hats are prized for their style and comfort, but until the advent of faux furs, they were not a viable option for many people. Faux furs allow anyone to enjoy the feel of fur without any ethical issues.

Buyers looking for fake fur wholesale will find a variety of suppliers at productpilot.com, with products ranging from clothing to craft materials. Fake fur is popular in the fashion world and makes for great luxury gifts. This kind of item becomes more popular in winter, thanks to the excellent warmth of fur. The snug, soft feeling of a fur hat or scarf is hard to beat.

Wholesale faux furs are often sought for crafting, since fur makes a great addition to clothing and accessories and fake fur is much easier to sew with than real fur. Fake fur is also hardier than real fur, not being susceptible to moths or deterioration. Fake fur wholesale stock is also a strong choice for textile shops, producing fur blankets and other luxury goods. Some people may prefer real fur for authenticity and its suitability for cold weather, but fake fur is becoming increasingly popular thanks to support from major fashion labels.

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