Fur products are a specific subset of the textiles industry, and one that was traditionally a very practical one, however in modern times furs are more typically a fashion product. Fur materials are generally made from (or made to look like) animal fur, typically that of mammals. Furs are preferred for their visual aesthetic, comfort, and warmth. Though furs can be produced on a small scale from individuals or small companies, whole fur usually starts life on a fur farm, where animals are bred and raised with a view to harvesting their fur in the future. There are also faux furs, which are synthetic imitations of animal fur. A typical fur trader may deal in both faux fur and real, or they may specialise in one. Due to the nature of the market for furs, a fur supplier will often deal in direct sales, rather than buying wholesale fur stock.

Fur products are particularly sought after in regions where the climate is cooler due to their good insulation from the cold and wet. They are also something of a status symbol, being worn by some as a fashion statement. Wholesale fur can come in a number of varieties. Some furs are more suited to guarding against the elements, and make good outer coat layers. Others are softer and have better insulating properties, which make them ideal for the inner layers of a garment. Other furs are worn almost entirely for their visual appeal. A fur supplier or fur trader won't necessarily make fur–based products, instead supplying fur to manufacturers that do. In fact, it is not unusual for a fur trader to focus entirely on buying and selling fur products, and not have any part in the fur harvesting or product manufacturing process. Furs are a volatile sector of the market, and it pays to stay up to date. Productpilot.com can help traders with access to all the latest news.

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Luxury Faux Furs - it feels just like natural fur and protect the animals. Since...

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