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Wholesale furnishing fabrics are used extensively, though by no means exclusively, in domestic settings. Often described as 'home furnishings' or 'soft furnishings', these natural and man-made fabrics help to create welcoming interiors full of soothing colours and charming designs. With many fulfilling a functional as well as a decorative purpose, the list of furnishing fabrics typically found in domestic interiors includes leather, artificial leather, faux furs, silk, cotton, wool, nylon, polyester and many more. Sophisticated methods of blending textiles allow these materials to appear in ultra-durable combinations in order to enhance fireproof properties and other features such as resistance to stains and fading. In addition, modern woven and synthetic furnishing fabrics lend themselves to an extensive range of patterning and decorative treatments such as embroidery, printing and dyeing. Among the many advantages wholesale fabrics offer, perhaps the most important are flexibility and adaptability, plus the numerous opportunities they afford to create beautiful, stylish interiors which reflect the home-owner's individual taste.

Buyers attempting to source contacts for more specific needs will find use of the dedicated sub-categories. These include Pollow Cases, Upholstery Leather, Upholstery Fabrics and Sofa Covers. A wide range of fabrics is covered by the manufacturers that can be found on productpilot.com. Given the wide range of different tastes found in the general public, a wide range of furnishing fabric options made available to the consumer will be appealing. This can either be in the form of just the fabrics themselves or incorporated into a finished product, such as sofas and chairs, curtains and carpets, or even wall facades to add unique touches to an interior design. An extensive range of fabrics give customers the chance to customise their interiors to meet very specific demands.

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