Along with sofa covers, upholstery leather and other furnishing fabrics, pillowcases are manufactured by a wide number of suppliers at productoilot.com and are subsequently sold via wholesale channels to retailers all over the world. In common with other bedroom linen, such as sheets, duvet covers and under-sheets, the wholesale pillowcases market is dominated by a couple of fabrics. Cotton is one of the most important materials for the pillowcases wholesale industry. It is used on its own for many pillowcases that are currently in production. In addition, polyester - and a few other similar man-made fabrics - are used. These tend to be blended with cotton threads so that the products end up being comfortable against the skin whilst retaining hard wearing qualities. For many territories in the world, the wholesale pillowcases industry means products which are designed to cover pillows that are used in beds only. In North America, however, it also encompasses cushion covers, the sort of products which are traditionally used for added comfort when seated.

Generally speaking, a pillowcase is made from a single piece of material which is folded back on itself to form a rectangular shape. The two halves of the fabric are then stitched at either side, usually leaving one of the shorter sides open for the pillow to be pushed in. With some pillowcases, this side also has an additional pocket which can extend over the open end of the case, thus covering the pillow completely. Along with some high-quality materials, like Egyptian cotton, luxury pillowcases are also frequently embroidered and decorated with sewn-in adornments. All sorts of pillowcase product suppliers can be discovered at the business to business platform, productpilot.com.

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