The wholesale backpacks market covers many different classes of product. From children's backpacks, which are good for carrying a few items back and forth to school, to fully sized adult mountaineering backpacks, there are plenty of different types. A typical backpacks manufacturer will make a range of product in sizes suited to men, women and children, however some brands tend to specialise in certain market niches, like camping backpacks for instance.

Wholesale backpacks are usually supplied by their capacity in litres and in seasons, meaning – for example - that winter backpacks are updated each year for additional features and materials. Summer backpacks tend to be more lightweight and designed for hiking, but winter ones are constructed from tougher fabrics which also offer a good deal of water resistance. A backpacks manufacturer will try to ensure that their latest product features are most noticeable. Although the basic design of backpacks and rucksacks has not changed for years, new developments can often be found in the fabric, the stitching and the ergonomic qualities of the frame, usually to make the product on offer as light and comfortable as possible. Suppliers of a range of these items can be sourced on

Backpacks can be designed with any number of compartments, though these features are often determined by the backpack’s purpose. Side pockets for water bottles are common, for example, and the interior of the backpack may be fitted with a special pocket specifically for storing mobile phones or other portable technological devices. For the average backpacks supplier, finding a wholesaler with a good array of products is desirable. Like fashion items, certain backpacks tend to become trendy in any given season, so stocking a range is preferable.

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