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Purses and wallets are small, fabric pouches used to carry money, identity and other sundry small items. American English refers to a handbag as a purse, but the term also refers to a small bag used for coins. In many nations, a purse is generally seen as feminine and a wallet as masculine. Wallets serve the same basic purpose as purses, storing money to prevent it being dropped or lost. Buyers looking for purse wholesale or wallets wholesale can find suppliers at productpilot.com, forging contacts for future business.

The designs of purses and wallets can vary considerably, especially in decoration and colour, because they are seen as fashion items as much as practical items. The typical wallet is made of a tough canvas or leather, with the latter being more expensive. Wallets are usually flat and compact, designed around the need to keep cash notes intact and crisp. This flat design also lends itself to storing plastic cards, like credit or identity cards. Wallets will often have a small extra compartment for coins.

Purses are traditionally more pouch-like, closing rather than folding, allowing more room for loose coins. Modern purses tend to be a mixture of both designs, with a section for notes and cards. Purses tend to have more decorative varieties than wallets, but the two are gradually becoming very similar, with only colour schemes denoting an intended gender, if at all.

When buying purse wholesale, buyers will see both budget and luxury designs, with the former erring towards simple cloth pouches and the latter being leather, with more compartments and functions. These everyday items pair well with luxury travel bags and backpacks, as accessories for travellers.

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