Toilet Bags

The toilet bag is a small container used to carry personal care items. Named after their inventor, toilet bags were originally known as Dopp kits and used to carry a man’s grooming equipment whilst travelling. They were designed to be waterproof and small enough to be packed in a suitcase. At first, the leather Dopp kits were luxury items and made suitable coming-of-age gifts for young men. Men’s toilet bags became popular across all social classes after World War II during which the U.S. military issued the bags to soldiers. Because of their convenience, the toilet bag manufacturer began making them for both men and women. Wholesale wash bags are still a staple amongst travelling equipment, and they are also just as likely to be used to store a limited number of items and remain in home washrooms.

Prestigious luggage companies continue to include a toilet bag as part of a matched set of luggage, with suppliers being available on Typically, the toilet bag comes with a hanger so that it unfolds into vertically-arranged pockets and can be hung on the back of the bathroom door. Meanwhile, the toilet bag manufacturer began offering a larger range of products along the wash bag format. The essential characteristics of the toilet bag, being waterproof and compartmentalized, are retained, but the purposes are now more diverse. Wholesale wash bags are available in mesh or polyester to facilitate quick drying. Small versions of the toilet bag are made to fit into a woman’s handbag and used to carry cosmetics, whereas larger versions are designed as gym bags.

A toilet bag manufacturer once only produced items for men whilst travelling. Now, these items come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, and are just as likely to be carried by women. offers information to source suitable toilet bag traders.

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