Tote Bags

An essential item of standard luggage, tote bags originally got their name from the word tote, which when translated means 'to carry.' Original wholesale tote bags were designed for heavy shopping purposes. The totes bag manufacturer made these products with cumbersome shopping items in mind, hence the tote bag was large and usually oblong in shape. Features typical of the tote bag include two strengthened handles, a spacious bag and reinforced lining on the bottom to ensure protection and durability. Regular plastic grocery bags are notorious for breaking and tearing, which necessitated a sturdy substitute giving the tote bags manufacturer the idea for a new grocery shopping accessory. And so, wholesale tote bags were born.

Tote bags supplier merchandise, which can be found from traders on, come in many styles and designs. They are usually made from durable fabrics such as canvas, jute or nylon. Modern versions are eco-friendly and can be made from synthetic and recycled materials. Luxury tote bags made from leather and suede enjoy the same trade as its counterpart handbag because more and more women opt to use them as fashion accessories. The bag can house many personal items that are cumbersome, such as make-up and toiletries. The tote bag is also very useful when in transit; perfect for a day at the beach, or as an extra luggage piece when travelling. Designer totes with luxury trimmings, bearing brand-name logos and famous personality tags are highly desirable fashion accessories. Along with beauty cases and vanity cases, toilet bags, purses and wallets, the tote bag has been re-worked into a smaller and more compact evening bag which can be a personal fashion statement.

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