Pillows have a long history and have many various purposes. Ranging from being decorative items to necessary health additions - Since the days of the Chinese using wooden blocks, or a rolled leather ‘pillow’, the concept of the humble pillow has changed little other than in the materials used to produce it.

The large bolster pillow these days is more pillow shaped than it is cylindrical, and remains to be a popular item today. Right up to the mid-20th century, feathers were the main pillow filler, while down, followed by duck down, was used to produce the more expensive items. With advances in medical science, doctors and healthcare workers began to realise the use of down and/or feathers could trigger allergic reactions in growing numbers of the population. Polyester began to be used for pillow stuffing, and today it is still the favourite, inexpensive and easily washable. Being a synthetic material, few people have any allergic reaction to it.

The niche market for those who wholesale and manufacture pillows continues to expand. Although a large proportion of the market for the standard pillow revolving around the bed manufacturer, large soft furnishing suppliers, and departmental stores, more specialized areas are increasing.

Private and public health services and nursing homes require not just a standard type pillow, but a greater number of orthopaedic pillows to help those suffering a variety of neck and spinal problems. An orthopaedic travel pillow is becoming a must have travel item, especially among the elderly.

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