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The Accessories & Miscellaneous textiles category at features a list of contacts selling useful products and solutions for textile applications, including fastening fabrics together and decorating materials. Buyers for major companies rely on the wholesale benefits exhibitors offer at, whether for supplying a textile manufacturing process or sourcing a ready-made product in wholesale. The sub-categories in this section include Adhesives, Fasteners and Labels, which bring together many manufacturers selling accessories for making products such as garments and curtains. Manufacturers can find buyers for their textile products and services amongst a wide online audience, providing new scope for marketing and growing a network; buyers at the same time have a choice of many manufacturers who can supply them with the ideal textile accessories at the right time.

For a textile to become a finished product, many additional steps and materials are required. Adhesives are required to attach textiles to other textiles or surfaces and are a suitable alternative to staples, which can pose a risk to children. Attaching textiles to each other is common in winter clothing, which require multiple layers for warmth and wind and/or water resistance. Labels can be attached to include washing instructions, warnings or the manufacturer’s name, while fasteners are required for bags or rucksacks, for example. Some textiles will require certain care before being used to make the product, such as going through a chemical wash or being dyed with colours to get the desired result.

By sourcing the appropriate contacts on, companies from close-by or from the other side of the world can team up for mutually beneficial partnerships.

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15 mm molded zipper

Exceptionally strong, yet smooth and flexible the PK15 is made with extremely solid...


Beaver Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Beaver Manufacturing Company, Inc. was organized in early 1971 to supply chemically...


650 Newton

New product High Resistance zipper (650 Newton per inch)


Biar S.r.l. Ausiliari Biochimici

Biar was established in 1975 to supply products and services for the care of leather...


Bussetti & Co. Ges.mbH

As specialists in industrial auxiliaries with a global customer base, Bussetti...


Carmo A/S

Carmo has a 60 year track record of delivering highly specialized technical and medical...

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