Textile accessories are a broad range of items used in textile manufacture and craft, intended to add new functions or aesthetic qualities to fabrics. A great deal of garments and household fabrics, such as curtains, rely on accessories to function. These items turn plain cloth into useful products.

A wholesale interior decoration trader will find suppliers at with a range of textile accessories on offer. There are a great many varieties of textiles, with different trims and applications, making accessories a vital product for sellers of interiors wholesale. The kinds of accessories produced range from practical everyday items to industrial items for protective clothing and fabric-based equipment.

Wholesale interior providers will always find a market for textile accessories, which are a small but vital part of home decoration. Curtains, for example, are useless without curtain hooks and poles. Curtain tapes come in several varieties, to let decorators do new things with their curtains. People who craft their own textile items, such as cushions, will inevitably require textile accessories like zippers. Craft garments and bags need similar closers, including buttons and string fasteners, many of which are used for aesthetics as much as function.

All these small and easily overlooked items are a vital part of interior design, making them a must-have for traders in interiors wholesale. Accessories of this type are found in all manner of finished products; consider coats with special supporting accessories like belts and shoulder pads.

Buyers of textile accessories and wholesale interior items can also stock complete fashion accessories, such as handbags, purses and costume jewellery. Customers will purchase these alongside craft items to produce their own accessories, including cross-sellable items like adhesives and labels.

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