Fasteners come in a wide variety of forms, yet their purpose remains the same: these are accessories designed to connect two sides of a fabric or other material together. The type of textile fastening mechanism depends on how it is to be used and, in many cases, it’s the use of the fastener which gives it its name. Examples of iconic textile fasteners are hooks and eyes, or metal snap fasteners. Suppliers of these and more items can be found using

Wholesale fasteners for the textile industry need to carry a vast array of products to meet the demand of the fasteners trader. Wholesale fasteners for the fashion industry alone constitute a steady supply of buttons, grommets, snap fasteners, zippers, Velcro, and hooks and eyes. The fasteners manufacturer will often also supply the shoe, glove, and hat industries, all of which use a variety of textile fasteners.

Fastening for clothing has a long history and indicates clearly how fasteners can be used for safety, as well as aesthetic purposes. During the 1930s, metal snap fasteners became popular on shirts for rodeo riders in Canada and the United States. In the process of being thrown off a horse, shirt sleeves can get entangled in the saddle. With snaps, the shirt can be removed quickly so that the rider can escape uninjured. The fasteners manufacturer had to step up production of snap fasteners when they became identified with authentic “western gear” clothing. Snaps were featured on denim jackets and jeans to represent the masculinity and toughness associated with the cowboy image. Wholesale fasteners dealers need to be able to anticipate the latest trends and to quickly find reliable fasteners manufacturers in order to meet the demands of the market, which can be done on

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650 Newton

New product High Resistance zipper (650 Newton per inch)


Carmo A/S

Carmo has a 60 year track record of delivering highly specialized technical and medical...



Air/Waterproof sealing zippers


Dynat Verschlußtechnik GmbH

DYNAT, the leading manufacturer of industrial slide fasteners and multi-purpose zippers...


AquaGuard® Vislon® - Water Repellent Zipper

A water repellent coil zipper from the AquaGuard® series is already established in the market...



Expedit is the French leading manufacturer of fastening systems. The company is present...


Double Coil Tough Zipper

Normal Polyester zipper– For normal polyester zipper, even if the sliders are locked...


GUTOS Metallschließen GmbH & Co. KG

GUTOS stands for an efficient, environmentconscious enterprise, which has esteablished...


Keen Ching Industrial Co., Ltd.

Keen Ching Industrial Co., Ltd. (brand: KCC) is a professional manufacturer and exporter...

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