In modern clothing design, a button is an object that holds two edges of cloth together with aim of securing the cloth around the body. The use of buttons has been identified in archaeological records as early as 4,000 years ago. Wholesale buttons became necessary in thirteenth- and fourteenth-century Europe when fitted clothing gained popularity. Buttons may be attached to cloth in several ways: Shank buttons and flat buttons have holes through which thread is passed and thereby sewn onto the cloth. Stud buttons are made of two parts that snap together when pressed, and manufacturers of any variety of buttons can be sourced via the productpilot.com database.

Throughout their history, buttons have provided a nonverbal means of announcing the affiliations of the wearer and are now valuable collectables. The surface of the button was embossed with an insignia that showed the wearer belonged to a particular political party - as in George Washington’s inaugural buttons of 1789 - or to a specific military regiment. When the top surface of the button is hinged to the underside, the button becomes a small container. These locket buttons were used by soldiers to carry photographs of loved ones or a small compass, for example. The Cockney tradition of Pearly Kings and Queens originated with eighteenth-century London street traders who sewed mother-of-pearl buttons onto their clothing to attract attention to their wares. The fashion later came to represent guilds and charitable organizations that exist today.

Today, buttons as fashion statements are used to carry designer brand logos and denote high quality apparel. Common wholesale buttons are made of mother-of-pearl or plastic and still used extensively in the garment industry. For the buttons wholesaler and dealer buttons represent a reliable market. However, as styles are constantly changing, to the buttons wholesaler and dealer buttons require multiple business contacts and up-to-date information. Productpilot.com is a convenient way for the wholesale buttons supplier to keep abreast of market fluctuations and of potential business partners.

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