The zipper is both a fashion accessory and a tailor’s necessity, and is used to join two fabrics together, though not permanently. The zipper came into being in the United States and was originally known as a clasp locker, but the essential hook and eye format remained the same. Two rows of interlocking coils or teeth intermeshed or released with the aid of a slider. The interdigitating mechanism in the slider is a Y-shaped groove that, depending on the direction the slider moves, either meshes the teeth or coils together, or takes them apart. The slider also keeps the teeth aligned.

Throughout their history, zippers have been used on various different products. In 1917 the first zippers manufacturer rolled off approximately 100 metres of zipper per day. The first wholesale zippers were supplied to rubber boot manufacturers. Other uses for zippers around that time were closures for tobacco pouches and leather jackets. By the late 1930s, wholesale zippers became the most popular means of closing men’s trousers, before later being used in women’s fashion, too. For those working in the fashion industry, maintaining contact to a wholesale zippers supplier is a vital aspect of successful trade. is a good way for the zippers wholesale manufacturer and supplier to keep on top of the market. Most zippers made today are destined for the garment industry and come in an array of fashion colours and lengths, which keeps the manufacturer and supplier of zippers in constant need of updated information. Designers are always looking for new and innovative ways to implement the zipper, taking it away from its initial practical purposes and bringing it into the world of aesthetics.

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AquaGuard® Vislon® - Water Repellent Zipper

A water repellent coil zipper from the AquaGuard® series is already established in the market...


Dynat Verschlußtechnik GmbH

DYNAT, the leading manufacturer of industrial slide fasteners and multi-purpose zippers...


Flame Retardant Zipper - LENZING FR® Zipper

YKK has developed a new generation of flame retardant products with new hybrid yarn...



YKK is the world´s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of quality fastening...


SEY85 - SHT one end open

Watertight with safety and reliability. Optimal protection in nearly every extreme...

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