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Designer home textiles are manufactured to the highest quality and often utilise techniques that are too costly and impractical for mass production. Artists as famous as Matisse and Henry Moore were commissioned to create unique patterns and designs in the mid-20th century, and this tradition continues today. Limited edition designer home textiles are often created by a high-profile figure from the world of fashion or art. Designers and artists of the Bauhaus movement worked in many mediums, including textile design, with many of these iconic patterns still being used in production today. Appreciation of good design and renewed interest in traditional manufacturing techniques have spread to more and more products than were formerly taken for granted, and innovative designers and manufacturers can be found on the database.

Suppliers of designer home textiles on include those dealing in upholstery fabrics, kitchen textiles and woven fabrics. Used to create bedding, curtains, and blinds, they add colour, personality and flair to a household. Patterns may be screen-printed, woven into the fabric or applied using the latest, state-of-the-art techniques. Popular patterns include Art Deco, Pop and Op-Art motifs. Asian and African textiles, as well as other ethnic designs, have their own particular styles, from ornate and intricate floral patterns to abstract blocks of vibrant colour. Traditional hand-dyed textiles are often produced by small, artisanal companies using weaving techniques that have remained unchanged for generations. Luxury designer home textiles not only include weaves, twills, cottons and linens, but also silk, cashmere and velvet to create an aura of exclusivity and glamour. Some luxury clothing brands have recognised an opportunity and produce their own exclusive ranges of home textiles.

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