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Blankets and pillows are types of bedding, and along with sheets and pillow cases, are intended to keep a person comfortable and warm when they are lying down or sleeping. These items are significant in defining feelings of personal well-being and comfort. Indeed, establishments that trade on security and comfort, such as hotels, hospitals, aeroplanes, and trains, are always in need of fine quality wholesale blankets and wholesale pillows.

Blankets come in the form of quilts, duvets and comforters, and can become heirlooms or given as wedding gifts. Both blankets and pillows are also used outside the bedroom. Light blankets are found in sitting areas wherever additional warmth is needed, and pillows in the form of cushions are used whenever lumbar or neck support is needed to increase bodily comfort and to accent furniture. The pillow manufacturer continues to develop new orthopaedic varieties, such as travel pillows, donut pillows, and body pillows to use during pregnancy.

As comfort items, blankets and pillows lend themselves to the designer market and are used to complement the décor of a bedroom and to enhance the ambience. High-end hotels, especially, have distinctive bedding that conveys the brand image. Standard pillow sizes and styles vary across the globe, and innovations in hypoallergenic, flame-retardant, and orthopaedic properties continue to arise, which makes buyers for international hotel chains and hospital equipment in need of up-to-date information from the pillow manufacturer, such as that found at

The demand for good quality wholesale blankets and wholesale pillows comes from a number of industries as well as the domestic market. makes it convenient for manufacturers and buyers of wholesale blankets and wholesale pillows to keep in touch.

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