Curtains & Curtain Systems

Curtains are window coverings, and occasionally room dividers. They serve to create privacy, to shade or filter light, and for insulation. Curtains are attached to the inside of a window and are found in any domestic, business, or institutional setting. Curtain systems consist of a curtain rod with a mechanism to move the curtains, which can be as simple as a set of tie backs or draw-pulls, or the more complex pulley systems required to move larger panels and heavier material.

Curtains play an important role in moderating the physical environment and also form part of the room décor, not to mention the fact they contribute to the overall ambience. The curtains of a boardroom require a certain gravitas that conveys dignity and confidence, as well as being heavy enough to help maintain an even temperature and thus save on energy consumption. The curtains for a child’s bedroom more likely would be colourful and include an opaque rubberized backing to block out light in order to aid sleep.

Different, again, are the curtains that shield patient beds in hospitals. A curtain supplier must ensure their products reflect the hygienic image of the institute and be washable. When used to separate rooms, it’s especially important that the curtains fit in with the overall decor or purpose. A curtains manufacturer will ensure that curtains used to separate cubicles in an open plan office, for example, differ in style to those used in a home environment.

The wholesale curtains industry is constantly bringing new synthetic fabrics and novel curtain systems, for instance, computerizing the opening and closing of panels, to the curtain supplier. The wholesale curtains trader can expect a steady business as commercial buildings continue to be erected and suburban homes proliferate.

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