Wholesale embroidery is an ancient sewing art used to embellish fabrics with a special needle and thread. There are many different techniques and styles using varied and specific stitches, for example, blanket stitch, running stitch, to create lavish designs and patterns. An embroidery manufacturer can produce many goods and wares which are garnished with contemporary and abstract speciality threads, such as wool, linen, silk, as well as other high quality fibres. An embroidery supplier creates unique pieces of wholesale embroidery that cover a multitude of products on the consumer marketplace. Wholesale embroidery items include clothing, linen, craft gifts and kits, decorative accessories for the home – such as pillows, cushions, wall art - and other furnishings and furniture. Suppliers of wholesale products and embroidery merchandise are available on productpilot.com.

Embroidery craft and skill has been enjoyed for centuries and also makes for a popular hobby or pastime. Modern twists on embroidered wares can be implemented by machine, which often allows for further embellishment using items such as jewels, buttons, feathers, beads, crystals, shells and other precious stones and metals. Embroidered goods can be easily personalized; they can be further adorned with names, dates and other written words that are hand-sewn on to the item's surface.

Modern embroidery products and accessories are very popular gifting ideas, with specialized crafting shops stocking the finest fibres specifically designed for embroidery purposes. Hand-sewn, embroidered items can be made to order for just about any household item; upholstery surfaces, kitchen textiles, curtains, blankets and pillow covers. These luxury wares are highly sought after for decoration purposes in the home. Manufacturers and suppliers of embroidery products and associated tools and accessories can be found by buyers using productpilot.com.

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