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Kitchen textiles can bring some welcome colour and personality into monochromatic kitchens. Aprons, oven gloves, tea towels, pot holders, tea cosies and placemats all serve a functional purpose, but fortunately that purpose does not hinder the imagination of those who produce kitchen textiles wholesale. With a wealth of fabrics to choose from, wholesale kitchen textiles may be sewn, knitted, embroidered, printed, crocheted or woven in any colour or combination of colours. Printed aprons and towels may feature original patterns and illustrations created especially by the designer or artist, reproductions of famous vintage prints, such as cooking ephemera, or humorous novelty designs. A recurring motif, colour scheme or pattern may run through a range of wholesale kitchen textiles. Luxury hand-printed and handmade aprons and sets of towels make excellent gifts for style-conscious cooks with a taste for the exclusive.

The search for kitchen textiles wholesale on is not just restricted to items aimed solely for home use. Stylish and practical aprons, tea towels, pot holders and placemats have equal relevance to the catering industry. Staff in a café or coffee shop can wear distinctive aprons to complement the design of the establishment or to promote it. Colour coordinated pot holders and placemats for serving hot dishes are small details that can add to the overall experience for the customer. For the professional kitchen however, simple designs of high quality are required. In such a hectic and crowded environment, employees need adequate protection from the dangers of flaming grills and boiling pans. Aprons also convey a sense of tradition and quality, which is why so many shop owners still choose to wear them.

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