Mattresses are large, supportive pads that can bear a person’s weight to provide a comfortable sleeping surface. They are typically made of a tough fabric case, sometimes quilted, filled with an array of metal springs. These are designed to support and spread the weight of a person lying on top. Mattresses will usually be placed on top of a bed frame, but can also be used on the floor. A poor quality or damaged mattress will cause great discomfort and sleeplessness.

For hundreds of years, the modern mattress has been a fixture in homes throughout the world. Early mattresses were filled with straw or horse hair instead of a spring structure, essentially forming a long, rigid cushion. Wholesale mattress suppliers can be found at with a range of mattresses on offer, to suit various budgets. With the prevalence of mattresses in the modern world, a good relationship with a mattress manufacturer can lead to guaranteed year-round sales. Sourcing mattress manufacturer information can be done using the website.

Some sleepers prefer unconventional mattresses. For example, a mattress manufacturer might also produce bladder mattresses that contain water or air. These luxury items support with internal pressure and are considered very supportive, plus they eradicate the danger of a spring failing. Conversely, some buyers avoid them due to fear of bursting, or due to equating the experience with budget air-beds used in camping.

With a broad range of quality levels, wholesale mattress buyers can cater to a variety of markets. These range from the basic item to high quality mattresses designed to provide health benefits, such as relief for back pain. Furthermore, mattresses sell well with other bedroom necessities such as bedding, blankets and pillows, as a new mattress often precedes a new bedroom design.

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