Ribbons, Twine & Trimmings

Ribbons are bands or strips of material which can be tied or otherwise attached to objects for decoration. They are typically a bright colour and manufactured in a material like silk, cotton or their synthetic equivalents. They are often tied onto other garments or hair, acting as accessories. Twine is a thread or string that gains additional strength from repeated twisting, making it suitable for practical purposes such as wrapping or securing items. Trimmings are decorative textile items like tassels and cords that can be attached to other fabrics. Buyers of wholesale ribbon will find suppliers at productpilot.com, also offering wholesale twine, for various textile applications.

Ribbons can come in a huge variety of shapes and colours, from individual ribbons meant for wearing, to long strips for use in wider textile manufacturing. Twine tends to be sold in balls and cut to a suitable length for each use. Wholesale ribbon is a good commodity for those catering to the textile production industry, as various garments and accessories incorporate ribbons into their design. Twine enjoys a similar popularity, being used in various products like clothes lines, nets and drawstring bags. Wholesale twine has also become popular in gift wrapping, simulating the classic paper and string packages of the Victorian era. Trimmings are often incorporated into curtains and chairs, but may not be produced by the same company. Therefore, buyers of trimming wholesale can supply pre-made items in bulk to these manufacturers.

All these items can be sold to craft shops, as they form part of the mainstay of homemade accessory items. They are also consumable items that often need replacing, making ribbon, twine or trimming wholesale purchases sensible and effective.

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