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Wholesale table linen products serve a dual function. They are primarily used for protecting table surfaces from scuffing and stains, but they make pretty decorative ornaments and add style and charm to dining rituals. Table linen sets are very popular items and come in many designs, patterns and shades to suit interior home décor preference. Runners, table cloths, coasters, napkins and place mats, which can be found from the suppliers on, complement and enhance the overall dining experience. As well as being functional items that keep eating areas clean, they can bring a comfortable and relaxing ambience to the dining area. Wholesale table linen needs to be machine-washable as well as durable so they are often made from fabrics like cotton. For convenience sake, a table linen manufacturer will coat the surface of tablecloths with PVC making it easy to keep clean and giving the tablecloth a longer life. Dressing a table with luxury wares such as these is important to businesses in the hospitality trade. Restaurants and hotels have high standards of hygiene and presentation and appearance at the dining table is sacrosanct.

Designer home textiles such as table linen, towels, bedding and curtains all add warmth, charm and style to commercial and private dwellings. Large-scale interior design projects, which require careful planning are often given the completing touches through the display of such items as they can be matched to complement and enhance shade and dimension giving newly decorated living areas, an overall atmosphere of comfort and luxury. Table linen, while functional, adds character and sophistication to outdoor dining experiences when teamed with soft candle light or decorated with flower arrangements.

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