Wholesale tablecloths and general table linen are functional and decorative items that brighten up parties, functions, conventions and other social and business events. Table linens and tablecloths manufacturer supplies provide these catering necessities which can be found from the suppliers on Wholesale tablecloths come in an extensive range of shapes and sizes; round, square, rectangular or oval. Depending on preference, they can be used as casual dining table accessories. As a functional item that keeps the dining table clean and tidy, tablecloths manufacturer linens also add taste and style to home furnishings. Tablecloths are usually made from durable fabrics like the traditional red and white chequered cotton. Restaurateurs and hoteliers, who use these items frequently, lay large emphasis on presentation and hygiene standards, rely on quality materials that are easy to wash and iron. Many in the hospitality trade choose PVC coated tablecloths for convenience and cleanliness sake. Hand-stitched embroidered table linen, embellished with grand designs or detailed lace borders are highly desirable within the food and wine industry, as table presentation is highly-esteemed and an important part of the dining experience.

Caterers offering party services usually include an assortment of table decorations. Formal functions with large guest lists may require careful planning well in advance. The choice of colour is often an important factor i.e. black-tie events will require white table linens. A fund-raising event might require something more sophisticated and colourful to raise awareness of the cause and so increase guest participation. Some parties might involve a special theme, particularly children's birthday celebrations. In this instance, tablecloths depicting favoured animals, movie icons or well-loved cartoon caricatures are popular favourites. Catering for large events or those in the industry, can be used to locate wholesale suppliers of tablecloths and other dining linen.

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