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Transfer printing is a way of transferring a two-dimensional design onto a three-dimensional surface. The printing method was first used in the mid-Eighteenth Century in the enamels and china industry when a monochrome design on a metal plate was transferred to paper and the paper was then pressed onto the ceramic or enamel. Since then, a variety of printing techniques have developed using different transfer media, such water and heat, and experts in this practise can be located using

The technique was picked up by the textile industry because it allows the manufacturer to respond quickly to market demands. The design can be stored on an inexpensive substrate and printed onto the more expensive textiles as needed. Given the mercurial nature of textile fashion, transfers are an economic boon because short runs are now feasible. Further economic advantages are a reduction in the amount of storage space needed, the process does not require a high level of skill to execute, and the accuracy in the reproduction of the design results in fewer rejects.

For buyers and traders of home textiles, transfer printing gives them rapid access to the latest designs. Further, as the technique permits transferring the design onto three-dimensional surfaces, textiles with different textures can have the same design, thus facilitating the co-ordination of home décor. The same motif can be repeated in drapes, furniture, and carpets. As short runs do not necessarily result in high costs, end user input can be accommodated more easily. For example, business logos reproduced on any textile become a form of advertising whether they appear on the drapes of a high end board room or the aprons of a fast food chain.

Home décor specialists particularly appreciate the advent of digital transfer printing because the palette becomes limitless, to say nothing of shortening the time lapse between the concept and the finished product. Buyers and traders of transfer printed textiles can keep up to date with the newest designs with

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