Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines are devices used to stitch fabrics together with a needle and thread, as an alternative to sewing by hand. The invention of the sewing machine, during the Industrial Revolution, enabled workers to produce a much higher volume than they could by performing each stitch manually. Sewing machines have since been streamlined into small units that can be owned in the home. They also make it easier to work with tougher materials such as canvas.

Traders looking for wholesale sewing machines can find stock from a suitable sewing machines manufacturer at There are various sewing machine models available, depending on the needs of the user. Industrial sewing machines are large and fast, designed to be used for long periods of time. They will often remain in one setting for the length of their use, with banks of machines working on one particular task.

A typical sewing machines manufacturer will also produce a range of household sewing machines, which are cheaper, smaller and more versatile. These compact machines fit on a desk and can be transported easily. The typical design is intended to feed thread from a spool at the top, into a needle which is mechanically raised and lowered in a set stitch pattern. A foot device keeps the fabric in place, or moves the fabric if necessary. A skilled operator can accurately feed a length of cloth through a sewing machine in moments.

Most domestic machines can perform a wide variety of stitches. This range of abilities makes sewing machines a strong stock item for craft sellers, as they appeal to people who make clothing, accessories and bags. Suppliers of household appliances, such as those on, may stock wholesale sewing machines alongside items like vacuum cleaners and cooking appliances.

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