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One of the most important applications for new technology is its ability to improve the personal health and safety of the individual within society. Today, safety in the workplace is a paramount consideration for all employers. This concern has been reflected in the scientific research and technological advances that have been achieved in recent years relating to textiles that can be suitably used for safety clothing, protective garments, and medical procedures.

Safety textiles are fabrics which have been designed – often under laboratory conditions – to provide a specific protective benefit for the wearer. Garments made from safety textiles may include high visibility jackets, heat and fire resistant overalls, or suits which protect against exposure harmful, corrosive or poisonous gases and chemicals. Products of this kind are extremely important within the construction and manufacturing industries, as well as crucial services like the military, law enforcement, fire departments and any number of surgical applications.

Naturally, when a business selects safety and medical textiles for its products, it has to have absolute confidence in its products: faulty and inadequate materials are unacceptable for such important uses. offers a platform to business which allows clients to establish connections with suppliers and manufacturers of safety textiles. The service helps to create lasting relationships within the industry. From suppliers of general protective, safety and medical textiles supplied in bulk, to more specific safety equipment such as safety belts and ropes, all requirements are catered for. is a service for the modern world of business: a world of trade where it is not always possible to meet face-to-face with clients and contacts within the industry.

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