Medical Textiles

The items considered as medical textile constitutes a broad range of products used in patient care. These textiles can be used in a supporting medical role to assist with patient comfort, such as hospital linens, incontinence products, hospital gowns, and as fabrics worn by medical personnel such as protective clothing, scrubs, and surgical masks. ensures buyers can locate the medical textile supplier needed.

Good quality hospital linens are designed to withstand industrial washing and drying, and to provide stain resistance, patient comfort, and to minimize skin breakdown. Polyesters are used in hospital bedding as well as other hospital areas that require lint-free environments. Low-friction polyester positioning sheets used in the lifting and moving of patients are designed to reduce patient skin shearing and minimize strain on medical staff and hospital. Hyperbaric chambers require specialty medical textiles in the form of bedding made from 100% cotton.

Hospital quality pillows have hypo-allergic ticking, and are flame retardant, fluid proof, antimicrobial, and antistatic. For long hospital stays, pillows that distribute the weight of the patient’s head help to minimize bed sores by reducing pressure on the occipital area of the head and ears. Single-use disposable pillows made of polyester and recycled material are convenient when cross-contamination is a risk in Operating and Emergency Rooms.

Medical textiles that take a more active role in patient care are types of bandages and implantable textiles used in Operating Rooms. The most frequently used medical textile is the bandage, which is used to protect wounds, apply pressure, and to support limbs. Outside a hospital setting, bandages form part of a fist aid kit at home to protect minor wounds and on the battlefield to control hemorrhaging. Bio-textiles are medical textiles engineered to be bio-compatible and bio-stable with bodily tissue and fluids. In an Operating Room, implantable bio-textiles are used as artificial skin, sutures, arterial grafts, and as scaffolding to grow new tissue. Medical textiles are found throughout hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, and play an important role in patient care, with suppliers to be found on

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