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Professional clothing includes uniforms for nurses, the police and armed forces as well as overalls, jumpsuits or more formal attire for service industry chains. In contrast, protective clothing shields the eyes, head, face, hands, feet and ears or whole body, depending on assessed hazards, to counter risks of limb injury, loud noise, noxious chemicals, damaging airborne particles or other health and safety issues.

A wholesale professional clothing supplier at may specialise in surgical equipment such as operating theatre gowns, caps and gloves. Surgeons require durable waterproof boots while overshoes increase hygiene standards, especially in intensive care wards. Some protective clothing supplier garments contain antimicrobial agents to provide a barrier against infection.

As well as masks and visors or goggles to prevent pathogens being transferred between patients and doctors, surgical aprons are used for certain operations associated with heavy bleeding or the release of fluids. For major health incidents and hazards, more complete looking biological protection suits have attached helmets and totally enclose the body, with correct usage. Laboratory coats provide splash protection with increased hygiene while pull-on disposable sleeves provide an extra defence when gloves alone are insufficient.

Firefighters’ helmets, jackets and trousers with steel toe-capped safety boots are complemented in the worst fires by respirators or breathing equipment to reduce the effects of heavy smoke. Liquid jet machines such as those which operate at high pressure to clean concrete and other hard surfaces also present a hazard, necessitating a flexible and protective waterproof suit which fits well and includes non-slip gloves and boots. Departmental buyers can find a wide choice of wholesale professional clothing and protective clothing manufacturer listings on

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