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The Services Publishers & Associations connected with the textiles industry often have an international dimension. This is a direct result of their involvement in an industry with a truly global reach. Manufacturers and suppliers of products may be located in China or India, the Asian power bases of this industry, or perhaps the USA – a traditional big player in the export of raw materials – or they could be in any one of the smaller producer-nations now emerging worldwide. Service-related support for the industry is diverse and multi-faceted, often including facilities such as green certification, which is increasingly demanded by customers; lab testing of natural, artificial and synthetic products for purposes such as hydrostatic ratings; hygiene certification which is essential for medical-textile products; a host of research and development initiatives; and much more.

Manufacturers of industry specific materials are called upon to produce trade publications, vast numbers of technical guides, further guides for buyers and suppliers, plus a regular output of trade magazines. In addition, a significant number of topic-related newsletters focus upon subjects such as smart textiles, medical-textile requirements, and the eco-textile market. Of course, publications are also produced for the end consumer, especially for those interested in arts and crafts, being a large industry in itself. Informing the end consumer on the latest trends in patterns and types of fabrics, as well as providing instructions on the various methods of working with fabrics, such as sewing, will generate interest and demand in the actual product, thus keeping this part of the industry active.

Service providers, publishers and associations can present themselves on to an audience of interested buyers. Likewise, buyers can locate the right sources for their needs.

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