Technical & Industrial Textiles

The class of products described as Technical & Industrial Textiles covers a broad field of numerous diverse materials. Many products within this category are likely to have a highly specialised application, such as technical textile used specifically in the manufacture of seals and fibre-reinforced sealing compounds. Equally, this group may describe a more generic type of industrial textile which can be used in the manufacturing processes for a large number of derivative products. Materials such as wicker, foils, or adhesives are primary example of this type of industrial textile.

Technical and industrial textiles can be made from a wide range of materials, such as flame-resistant meta-aramid required used in the clothing for firemen, or high tenacity polyester and nylon used for producing lifting textiles. Glass fibre sees itself used in the making of fiberglass, while body armor can be made from para-aramid synthetic fibre. These and many more fibres are used in the production of countless textiles, which in turn have a large range of applications.

Because a technical textile is such a specialised product, a manufacturer of these goods may focus on servicing one specific industry or sector, for instance the provision of geotextiles & civil engineering fundamentals, or the production of agrotechnical textiles. Because there is a natural trend towards specialisation within this area of industry, a buyer will have to determine which supplier most suits current and long-term needs, and may have to adapt business relationship as time goes on. At the same time, a buyer may require the same technical textile for a new or non-typical usage, but may struggle to connect with the manufacturer if the manufacturer's operations are limited only to one specific area of industry. This is where can help.

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