Agrotechnical Textiles

The field of agrotechnical textiles is a specialist branch of technical textiles manufacture that produces fabrics designed for use in agriculture. These textiles have varied applications including protection of crops from severe weather, improvement of soil conditions and transport of foodstuffs. Agrotechnical textiles are a relatively recent development with strong growth forecasts driven by the predicted rise in world populations, not to mention abrupt or dramatic changes in the weather conditions in any particular region.

The principal required properties of agrotechnical textiles are strength, durability and permeability. To meet these demands, synthetic fibres are the preferred choice of material for many end-use applications. The products are created using techniques such as woven, non-woven and knitting technologies to create netting, water permeable mats and screens. Buyers and traders from around the world who are active or seeking to develop their presence in this market are able to access a broad range of innovative and established manufacturers in this field on

The applications and benefits of agrotechnical textiles are vast. Hail nets and wind breaks protect crops from the vagaries of the weather, and protecting crops from natural predators are bird nets and insect nets. Sunscreen nets aid crop growth by regulating the amount of sun, shade and air circulation that a crop receives depending on the density of the threads, and biodegradable mulch mats stifle weed growth, reducing the need for herbicides and driving down costs. These textiles allow early- and off-season planting of crops and earlier harvests, save energy in greenhouse environments and reduce the need for irrigation, herbicides and fertilizers. They are a remarkable tool, helping reduce costs and increasing the yields of healthy, more uniform crops.

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