Foils are thin sheets of metal which are flexible enough to be comparable to fabrics. Usually comprised of aluminium, foil is rolled or hammered at high pressure to beat the aluminium into a very thin, flat sheet. The flexibility of foil makes it useful for various household and industrial purposes. Other malleable metals that are used as foil include tin, copper and gold.

Buyers of foil wholesale can find a foil supplier at, with various options to suit selling needs. The fabric-like nature of foil lends itself to bulk selling, as large quantities can be cut and rolled into sheets, which is how household foil is often sold to consumers. The most common household use is for lining baking trays, providing a disposable layer so that trays do not need constant cleaning.

A foil manufacturer will typically produce foil for industrial applications too. A common use is as a barrier, protecting parts from oils and similar threats. Electrical cables can be protected from weathering by a foil layer. Foil is also widely used for insulation. Aluminium foil has heat reflecting properties and is also flexible, cost effective and lightweight. A foil supplier will often cater to the construction industry in this way. Aluminium foil also works as a conductor of heat, in the heat exchangers of cars and air conditioning.

Fine foil is used in gilding, where a layer of gold is applied to a cheaper material to produce the appearance of gold at minimal cost. A foil producer may also offer this kind of material for wholesale.

Wholesalers can enjoy a lucrative relationship with a foil manufacturer, selling foils alongside other industrial textiles like automotive textiles and technical fibers.

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