Industrial Textiles

Industrial textiles are any materials that are constructed of interlacing fibers and used for industrial purposes. Examples of industrial and technical textiles are automotive textiles, protective clothing, agrotextiles, geotextiles, and medical textiles. Suppliers of these essential industry products can be sourced at

The industrial textile manufacturer produces a large range of products for the automotive industry. Interior automotive textiles are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as fire retardant and include carpeting, upholstery, and paneling. Industrial fabric used for protective clothing prevents bodily injury and infection caused by biohazards, or workplace physical, chemical, thermal, or chemical risks. An ensemble created by an industrial textile manufacturer for firefighters, for instance, includes garments with thermal and fire retardant properties, as well as other equipment to protect against fumes and smoke. Body armour, such as bullet proof clothing for law enforcement and military garments, is constructed of high tensile strength fibers that are lightweight as well as strong.

Agrotextiles are used in animal husbandry and crop enhancement. Porous side curtains offer hogs and poultry a ventilated environment, protection against the weather, and also cut down on the costs of constructing animal housing. Finely-woven polyethylene insect screens protect plants from insect pests and are used extensively in commercial greenhouses. For exterior agricultural use, floating row covers protect seedlings from the wind and cold and help to produce better and earlier crops.

Geotextiles are used in civil and environmental engineering projects that require the stabilization and drainage of soils along roads, landfills, embankments, and levees. Self-adhesive membranes are used as moisture barriers and shock absorbers to extend the life of heavy-use pavement areas such as roads, airport runways, and parking lots. The application of textiles to medicine include textiles used in operating and emergency rooms that are designed to be tissue compatible and bio-stable, and in laboratories as a platform to nurture the growth of new tissue. Industrial textiles have a wide variety of applications with new products being developed all the time. Buyers and traders can locate the suppliers of the latest technologies at

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